Best Look: Classic Look - Camel Hair Jacket, Brown Blazer, Light Blue Button-down. Unexpected Pairing - Nantucket Red Pants


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Product Details | The chukar feathers give off a less polished and more authentic look highlighting bluish-greys, wispy browns and tans coupled with black barring. Sure to be appreciated by the consummate outdoorsman.

  • No dyes are used, giving each Chuka bow tie a unique coloring.
  • Wrap around adjustable hook, fits sizes 11" to 20”.
  • Bow dimensions are 2.5” tall by 4.5” wide.
  • Feathers are all-natural and sustainably sourced.

Packaged with Care | The Chuka arrives in a hand-branded, pine gift box. Includes a list of the feathers used and instructions on how to care for your tie.

Made in Charleston | Brackish Bow Ties are handcrafted in Charleston, S.C. and take between 4-5 hours to complete. Every chukar feather is hand selected by our artisans, making no two ties exactly alike.