THEY’RE HERE - Our Brand-New Statement Silhouette

March 28, 2021

After a year of design tweaks and development perfections, our brand-new statement silhouette is here and available to shop. This style was designed for every woman who appreciates one-of-a-kind beauty and the power of the perfect accessory. Whether she’s dressed in a cocktail dress or t-shirt, this silhouette can be an outfit’s signature or the final addition to a layered look for occasions of all kind. 

Each design comes packaged with a jewelry bag in our signature pine gift box that can be customized with an engraving message for a personalized touch. We wanted each piece to feel like an heirloom - something to gift to someone special or treasure for yourself for years to come. We hope you feel the same! See below for styling advice and cuff pairings for spring. 

And - before you read any further - we must note that our initial stock is extremely limited. So, if something strikes your fancy, makes you dream of future events, or like us, makes your jaw drop - don’t wait. Enjoy!



For Annabelle, nearly 80 quail feathers are used amongst the pair. To create volume and texture, the quail feathers are inverted and the goose feathers are trimmed as spears. Where the two meet creates a rounded edge. This piece pairs nicely with our Julie thin and wide cuffs that are made with similar bobwhite feathers. 



Adding a little bit of our favorite Charleston green into the mix was a no-brainer, and lucky for our design team - rooster feathers naturally display this hue. For volume, these feathers are laid in an alternating pattern, and pheasant and guinea feathers are individually shaped and applied on top for contrast. There are complementary options for this pair - our Wesa wide and thin cuffs made with pheasant feathers, Courtney wide and thin cuffs made with guinea feathers and our Lilia bezel cuff made with both to create a perfect match.



For this design, inspiration was taken from our Chisolm bow tie and the focus was on the naturally striking color-range that peacock feathers produce. Our design team has molded the emerald peacock feathers into petal-like shapes, laying them over vibrant turquoise peacock feathers and navy blue goose feathers. This piece pairs well with our Mary Ann wide and thin cuffs, as well as our Ellison bezel cuff.




For this design, the feathers themselves are what took our design team to the drawing board. This specific type of rooster feather is new to our shelves, and the sparse choppiness caught the eyes of our designers. This is the most laborious of our Grecian-inspired earrings as the long, slender feathers are each prepped and applied one-by-one. Not so ironically, this design pairs well with our newest cuff design, Big Band, in our wide and thin hardware.

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